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Panjiong has provided a favorable environment for the growth for employees and help the employees to realize their potential skills.

Code of Conduct
Panjiong has a Business Code of Conduct, which ensures that all our employees hold themselves to high standards of ethical behavior.
The code contains a trust statement, basic principles of business conduct and guidelines, and responsibilities, which help to define our company culture. Moreover, our company's culture of "Together with Panjiong" unites us as a company that understands and adheres to our corporate values and to the laws of the countries in which we do business.

Staff Training
Panjiong committed to building a learning organization, and established a variety of training programs for employees, including the New Employee Orientation Program and in-service training programs.
We help new employees adapt to the company, the New Employee Orientation Program comprises classes which cover a wide range of topics, including corporate culture, product knowledge, sales and marketing skills. Depending on the individual's position and job scope, the training programs may last from one to six months.

Career Path

Panjiong offers a Career Development Path for all our employees, which comprises of a managerial path and a technical / professional path, which allows employees to choose an appropriate career goal for their personal development based on their personal characteristics and career interests.

Panjiong comprehend the importance of the well-being of our employees, and pays utmost attention to our employees' work and life. We have set up an Employees' Club, which is in charge of organizing various activities to enrich and enhance employees' lives, such as picnics, dancing balls, and singing competitions and mountaineering. A variety of clubs have also been established to encourage employees in the pursuit of their own interests, including multi-language (English,Italian,Spanish,German and Russian), dancing, and singing clubs.


Employees are also welcome to bring their opinions and suggestions to the company's attention through various channels, beginning with their immediate manager. In accordance with our Open Door Policy, employees can also pursue any issues that they might have with more senior managers. The communication channels include, but are not limited to:
í˝CEO mailbox
í˝Specialists from the Staff Relationship Department
í˝Rationalization Suggestion mailbox

Skype Online
Pre-sale Hotline
Service Hotline